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The Science of Sex cover

The Science of Sex
Enhancing Sexual Pleasure, Performance, Attraction, and Desire

by Kevin Pezzi, M.D.


Cast away your preconceptions of sex books as being a rehash of things you already know and hence a waste of time.  By reading this book, you will learn things that Dr. Ruth and other sexologists have never considered.


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  • The surprising sexual effects of melatonin, obesity, alcohol, and fiber.

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  • Sniffing this can heighten libido and sexual pleasure.  What is it?

  • How stress affects your body and sex life — it’s not just “in your head.”

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  • Vitamins and minerals that affect sexual pleasure.

  • Drugs that affect sexual pleasure.

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  • A solution to the problem that most couples face during oral sex:  what to do when the man climaxes.  Most women prefer to pull off before ejaculation, but men would have more pleasurable orgasms if the woman did not pull off.  In The Science of Sex, I discuss how to solve this problem so that both partners get what they want.  Unless you've already read my discussion of this elsewhere, you've never heard of this solution before.  Other sex authors are busy rehashing the same tired old facts, while I have many groundbreaking tips to pass along.  This is just one of them, and it alone is worth the price of the book.


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  • The female prostate:  myth or reality?

Order The Science of Sex

Some of the topics in The Science of Sex:
Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes • Scent • The Pill • Colognes and perfumes • Testosterone • Pheromones • Realm• Breasts • Estrogens • Phytoestrogens • Xenoestrogens • Dihydrotestosterone • 5-alpha reductase • Soap • Catechins • Evening primrose oil • Linoleic acid • Linolenic acid • Finasteride • Heat • Cold • Collagen • Smoking • Stress • Obesity • Libido • Sexual pleasure • LDL cholesterol • HDL cholesterol • Impotence • Vaginal lubrication • Thyroid • Estradiol • Neurotransmitters • Serotonin • Tryptophan • Vitamin B6 • Vitamin B12 • Folic acid • Proteins • Carbohydrate • Prozac • Neuropeptide Y • Galanin  • Endorphins • Pectin  • Calcium  • Exercise • Vitamin C • Noise • Sleep • Dopamine • Melatonin • Sexual sensitivity • Leydig cells • Luteinizing hormone • Hypothalamus • Vaginal texture • Vaginal engorgement • Menopause • Hysterectomy • Orchitis • Alcohol • Monounsaturated fats • Vegetarianism • Testicular massage • Varicoceles • Diabetes • Depression • Hemochromatosis • Potassium • Zinc • Cadmium • Aromatase • Estrone • Testosterone-to-estrogen ratio • Genistein • Phytates • Copper • Cytochrome P450 system • Indole-3-carbinol  • Grapefruit juice • Licorice • Garlic • Resveratrol • Ethinyl estradiol • Cruciferous vegetables • Aryl hydrocarbon receptor • Dioxins • Antibiotics • Bacteria • Enterohepatic recycling • Oral contraceptives • Fiber • Competitive inhibition • Exogenous estrogens • Isoflavones • Soy • Antiandrogens • Receptors • Sex hormone binding globulin • Free testosterone • Albumin • Bioavailable testosterone • Cirrhosis • Anorexia nervosa • Stinging nettle • Nephrotic syndrome • Saturated fat • Sexual response • Androgens • Hormone replacement therapy • Genes • Testosterone resistance • Andropause • Proscar• Penis size • Saw palmetto • Tagamet• Prozac• Zoloft• Paxil • Ketoconazole • Opiates • Glycyrrhizin • Ginger • Selegiline • Monoamine oxidase • Norepinephrine • Epinephrine • Catecholamines • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs • AndroGel™ • Androderm• Testoderm• Estratest• Methyltestosterone • DHEA • Androstenedione • Androstenediol • Yohimbine • Yohimbe • Aphrodisiacs • Multiple orgasms • Clitoris • Kegel exercises • Avena sativa • Herbs • Bromocriptine • Hyperprolactinemia • Breastfeeding • Ginseng • Progesterone • Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate • Homocysteine • Nitric oxide • Boron • Apomorphine • Bupropion • Amantadine • Caffeine • Terpenoids • Trazodone • Levodopa • Damiana • Sunlight • Phenylalanine • Fear • Sympathetic nervous system • Autonomic nervous system • Arousal residue • Excitation transfer • Chocolate • Phenylethylamine • Anandamide • Tyrosine • Styrene • Plastics • Pesticides • Herbicides • Insecticides • Fungicides • Endosulfan • Vinclozolin • DDE • DDT • Pyrethroids • Permethrin • Atrazine • Orgasm intensity • Copulins • Estriol • Designer estrogens • Vaginotropic effect • Milk • Galactose • Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) • Puberty • Menarche • Guaifenesin • 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• Lycopene • Lead • Phosphorous • Iron • Dimenhydrinate • Clomipramine • Nitroglycerin • Minoxidil • Melanotan II • Molybdenum • Choline • Inositol • Shyness • Elastin • Tunica albuginea • Cross-linking • Glycation • G-spot • Skene's glands • Paraurethral glands • Prostate gland • Vestibular bulbs • Clitoral bulbs • Clitoral glans • Clitoral corpus • Mucosa • Lamina Propria • Muscularis • Adventitia • Fibrosa • Nerve receptors • Meissner's corpuscles • Pacinian corpuscles • Merkel’s disks • Bare nerve endings • Touch • Thermoreception • Sensory adaptation • Phalloplasty • Alkylphenol ethoxylates • Nonylphenols • Organochlorines • Bisphenol-A • Phthalates • Beta-hexachlorocyclohexane • Penile weights • Peter pumps • Segmented peter pumps • Fenton reaction • Bioflavonoids • Diosmin • Rosemary • Vacuum constrictor device • Sexual nerves • Labia majora • Prepuce • Vestibule • Hymen • Testes • Vibrators • Penile fracture • Blue balls syndrome • Coital alignment technique • Tip condoms • Nonoxynol-9 • Norplant • Depo-Provera • Perimenopause • Cul-de-sac • Rectouterine pouch • Fornix • Yogurt • Lactobacillus acidophilus • Lactobacillus crispatis • Lactobacillus jensenii • Lactobacillus gasseri • Menstrual cycle • Contraceptives • Bacteriocins • How dynamic conformational changes affect sexual pleasure • Nutrition • Vaginal flora • Coffee • Tea • Sensory fidelity • Waveforms and sexual pleasure • Facial morphology and sexual attraction • Neural encoding •

Order The Science of Sex

Book length:  255,563 words,  516 (or more) large pages (~ 7 x 11 inches).  Illustrated (some in color).  Includes a user-friendly index — not one of those indexes created by lazy authors that look like this:

Aphrodisiacs 39, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72

I detest such indexes because the reader has to check each one of those pages to possibly locate what he's seeking.  Here is an excerpt from my index:

Aphrodisiacs. See also libido

alcohol, 88
amantadine, 85
androstenediol, 72
androstenedione may not work, 72
apomorphine, 84
Avena sativa, 78
boron, 84
bromocriptine, 79
bupropion, 84
cadmium in oysters, 46
caffeine, 85
chocolate, 89
damiana, 86
DHEA not a sure-fire benefit, 71
dihydrotestosterone, 70
effects of saw palmetto, 62
exercise, 88
fear, 88
ginseng, 81
licorice, 64
methyltestosterone, 70
miscellaneous herbs, 86
nutmeg, 67
phenylalanine, 87
selegiline, 68
sunlight, 87
testosterone, 69
understanding why response may vary, 68
vitamin B6, 82
yohimbe, 78
yohimbine, 74

Such an index is much easier to use, because if you wish to see how selegiline (for example) functions as an aphrodisiac, you can immediately see that topic is discussed on page 68.

100% Money-back Guarantee

If you find a book with a more comprehensive and detailed presentation of sexual pleasure, performance, attraction, and desire, tell me about it and I will refund your entire purchase price.  I can confidently make this offer because I've read hundreds of competitive books and have yet to find one that is even remotely comparable.  I've spent years of 100-hour weeks working on this book, while some others in this genre appear to have been thrown together over a long weekend.  No reader has yet been able to suggest a comparable book.  Besides the fact that I cover more subjects in more detail and present information that you cannot obtain elsewhere (unless someone is copying me), I also correct some pervasive sexual fallacies (for examples of some of them, see this page.

Order The Science of Sex

Reader comments

Dear Dr. Pezzi:

Thanks so much. I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading The Science of Sex. What an amazing resource! Thanks for taking the time and effort to do the research, present it eloquently and dispel the myths. In a world with so much disinformation, your writings are very much appreciated.

Name withheld by request

I'm really enjoying the book. I was skeptical as usual but this book is right up my alley. Very scientific without being over my head.

Joey Cross

This book completely blows away any other sex book, by a country mile. To borrow an old European country saying:  first comes this book, then there's a loooooong stretch where there's nothing . . . then there's a big pile of manure . . . then another long stretch of nothing . . . then every other book on the market. Well, it's funnier in German.  :-)  Anyway, you can go to any bookstore, and replace the entire sex section with this book. Any sane publisher should jump on it, you can split the book into ongoing volumes. Perhaps there is more profit in doing it this way, though I don't know if the publicity a publisher could give could be matched. Getting the book mentioned in good target audience media like Maxim or Stuff would increase visibility a good deal as well. In any case, it's an awesome product that can only grow.

Dr. Pezzi,

You spoiled my whole weekend!  I bought the book on Thursday and then proceeded to get *nothing* done until I finished it many hours later on Sunday!  The Science of Sex may have made me ineffective at getting my work done but it made me much more effective with my lover.  It was filled with great information and real action items.  I am very impressed and appreciative.

Scott in Seattle

Hello Dr. Pezzi,

I got it and it looks like it is everything I hoped it would be.  Money well spent!

Thank you,

Dear Dr. Pezzi:

I assume from the size of the manuscript and the impeccable layout that you intend to have it commercially bound and published at some point. I hope so, because it is vastly superior to anything I have seen on the topic from a medical view. As an example, though maybe not the best, the same day I stumbled onto your site, I ordered a book on natural aphrodisiac supplements from a self-proclaimed national sexpert (and evidently other-proclaimed as well, since he has been interviewed on NBC Nightly News and in USA Today and Le Monde, among others). The nicely bound 100-page book or booklet I got was a bland litany of reputed aphrodisiacs and their claims, supported mainly by anecdotes and days-long My Personal Experience which invariably led to a favorable review, with only vaguely described "increased sexual interest" for most; telling me more about his suggestibility than anything else. I realize I'm being way too hard on the guy, who in all probability merely wanted to Keep It Simple. I have nothing against anecdotes: contrary to the retort I once got from an attending in school, anecdote is the singular of data; how could it be otherwise? And the personal experience of a highly interested researcher is always valuable; but in sexual matters, the placebo effect is so strong, it is not enough. I don't know; I was just disappointed that so much of what is printed on this subject is of a like character, whereas from such an expert I would have expected authority, scholarship, sound criticism, integration, and above all, creative insight. In short, I expected a book like yours! It's all that.

So when will we see you interviewed in Le Monde?

A fellow M.D.

I am in the midst of reading The Science of Sex which I ordered from you a couple of weeks ago - VERY interesting and very useful stuff.  Well done.

Name withheld by request

I'm in love with the kind of books you write, Kevin. By all means keep up the good work. I have lots of books in my bookcase, but quite frankly, yours really rank among those I'd rate as most interesting. I sure am not disappointed.

I guess you're now close to age 48, yet your physical appearance looks to me (from the 2002 pics I saw from your webpage) like you're in tiptop shape; your BMI, skin, your mind, etc. My girlfriend had a look at the 2002 pic where it says you were 44ฝ, and she too admitted you have good-looking skin and looked young. I see people in their early 30s who look like they're in their late 40s, so calendar age is definitely not the same as biological age. I may sound like I am layering it on thick, but I'm simply granting you what's rightfully yours. You went deeper, worked harder than other MDs, you went off the beaten track, and at the end of the day, it pays off, so to this I say, way to go, well done, Kevin—there should be more people like you out there.

Marc Boucher
Riviere-du-loup, Quebec, Canada

I've been trying the yohimbine...holy shiznit! A supplement that actually works! I've been using it for less than a week, but the results are incontrovertible. As I relate this, keep in my that I've had a cold for the better part of the week, and feel generally pretty lousy. Nevertheless, when I was talking to a woman at the office who flirts with me, I popped such a rod that I had to hide it and explain away my laughter. ;-)  I normally encourage this process, since as you mention in the book, thoughts of sex can increase testosterone levels, train erections, etc. But this was *rock* hard, way out of the norm for casual flirting. That night I decided to masturbate just to get to sleep easier, and noticed that when I was done I didn't feel the usual "OK, I'm good for a few days" feeling. In fact I began to wonder if I could do it again. I went for it again, and easily got the job done, total time between attempts was a few minutes! Unthinkable! It could have been even sooner had I thought of it. The next morning, I repeated the experiment again, and again was able to go twice in rapid succession, where I'm normally a one-shot guy.

I also noticed that erections seemed to point a few degrees further north than usual, and felt stiffer than usual, which of course is a great feeling. I was able to quantitatively analyze the situation by using my vacuum pump. I have the cylinder marked off with a permanent marker, so that any change in length at the same pressure will be obvious. And there was the evidence:  at the normal 4 in. Hg., I was a quarter inch longer than normal, in a matter of days. I assume circumference was even more affected, but this can only be explained by increased pressure inside the penis, since the outside pressure was measured to be the same. I can conclude that the yohimbine really does produce a larger, stiffer erection, in addition to reducing refractory time and generally increasing libido. And this at half the manufacturer's recommended dose, one capsule a day instead of two. I noticed no other effects whatsoever. I don't have a blood pressure cuff to see if my overall blood pressure is higher, or if it's a penis-only effect. ;)  I feel no tremors, nervousness, or any other untoward effects.

In regard to the book in general, great job, and I'm impressed as always with the added material (note from Pezzi:  this reader read an earlier edition of this book). I think the book will be enormously valuable to anyone with the wherewithal to actually take the advice in it. It could be particularly valuable to women, who while they may be reluctantly aware of the importance of bodyfat in general, may be completely oblivious to the fact that vaginal quality is a big factor in relationships. Simply doing Kegel exercises could make a major difference in attractiveness and resulting quality of life. Sad to say, and an enviable thing for men, but a woman with a great body and great vagina can write her own ticket. A woman who takes initiative there is one in a thousand.

No one can complain that you don't tell it like it is, and explain what to do about it. It's safe to say there won't be any other book out there to touch this one for interest level, straight talk, and practical advice. Congratulations!

Hello Dr. Pezzi,

Thank you for the wonderful book, The Science of Sex!  I have a doctor's mindset and I really enjoyed reading your book very much.  It was a real pleasure to have something intellectual (and written by someone very apt at that!) upon the subject of human sexuality!  You clarified several things for me, helped me to determine several supplements I should not be taking (as a young man) and gave me many new insights into information which I had no previous knowledge upon regarding this subject and similar subjects.

Before I read your book, I thought that your statement about it discussing "things that Dr. Ruth and other sexologists have never considered" was probably hype.  However, I was intrigued by some of the topics you listed, so I bought it anyway.  I think I owe you an apology for doubting you.  Your book is packed with information that, as you said, you can't get elsewhere.

My wife and I have been reading one sex book after another for years.  We are always searching for new things to try out in the bedroom.  I agree with you that most authors tend to rehash what other authors have said, because we don't learn many new facts from most books.  But your book?  That could keep us busy for years!

Throughout my education and career, I've read many books.  I don't know exactly how many, but it's enough to fill half of my basement with dozens of boxes.  I can't recall ever being more thrilled by a book exceeding my expectations than I have been with your book.  The Science of Sex is bound to be a classic, and THE manual for people seeking to enhance their sex lives.  Great job, doc.

Your discussion of tip condoms was worth ten times the price of the book.  It's enabled me to experience much more sexual pleasure.  I just wish that I'd known about this a decade ago!

Hello Dr. Pezzi,

Your cutting edge perspectives are fantastic!! 

I experimented with several suggestions that are showcased in The Science of Sex to fix my sexual sensory dysfunction and penile shrinkage (7.5 to 6.0 inches), perhaps induced by two cycles of Accutane.  My brief story:  26 years old, healthy, athletic, hypogonadic with no sexual sensation when ejaculating.  Recently, I applied Androgel to my scrotum.  I concur with your results:  larger erections, smooth/firm texture, there is definitely an awakening.  I sincerely appreciate your mind and care for people's pursuit of happiness.


I ordered your e-book a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it.  It's a great book so far, with lots of interesting information.


I've been reading about sex in magazines and countless books for most of my adult life (I'm now 51 years old). I thought that I knew a lot, and I generally do not learn much from reading sex books because most of the topics presented by the authors are things I've already read ten times. Nevertheless, I am always on the prowl for new nuggets of useful info. Most authors teach me a few new things, but you taught me a lot about things I'd never before considered . . . but now that I have, I was spellbound by your discussions. I am not a fan of e-books, so I never imagined that I would read one as long as yours. However, your book was extremely interesting. You know more about sex than ANYONE. I also like the way you make it so easy to contact you. Getting in touch with an average author is next to impossible. Thank you for writing such a superbly informative book, and thank you for giving me in-depth answers to the questions I submitted to you.


Miscellaneous short comments

-- Dr. Pezzi, I absolutely love The Science of Sex & your website. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate and respect your knowledge and attention to detail.

-- Your book is great.

-- I was very impressed with your book.

-- I'm reading the book now . . . fascinating, and extremely well written. At 20 bucks, an incredible bargain!

-- I'm really enjoying the book. I was skeptical as usual but this book is right up my alley. Very scientific without being over my head.

Order The Science of Sex

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