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Test your knowledge of ER terms by solving my ER crossword puzzle that was featured in the Prudential Securities Healthcare Group 2002 calendar.  Or take the ER-MCAT to see if you have what it takes to be an ER physician.

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ER crossword puzzle

My ER crossword puzzle was featured in the Prudential Securities Healthcare Group 2002 calendar.

1. A medical word for "cut" that is often used inappropriately
2. Inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity
4. Who really runs the ER
5. Brand name for the most commonly used analgesic in the ER
6. Type of shock used for patients in ventricular fibrillation
7. Term for an unresponsive patient
8. Sodium, potassium, chloride
9. What patients are usually referring to when they say "little white pill"
11. First thing ER personnel apply when they hear that a code is coming in
12. In contrast to what is depicted on TV, most patients who are coded end up this way
13. Most common name for a urinary catheter
18. A woman came to the ER by ambulance, complaining that her (#18 down) was too (#14 across)--true story
19. 1/1000 gram
22. Patient who often visits the ER is referred to as a frequent _____
23. What virtually all ER physicians eagerly await
24. Correct name for procedure in which a patient is "tubed"
29. The "I" in IV
30. Politically correct term for "crock"
32. A quick test which often precedes a blood gas
33. Commonly consumed by people who end up in the ER
34. An advanced EMT
37. Indispensable drug for ER personnel
38. First drug that a person with an MI ("heart attack") should take
42. How an administrator views a patient
44. Sorting out patients according to their medical needs
49. Brand name for the most commonly used narcotic in the ER
50. Most of the strange cases in the ER occur at this time
52. A hypoglycemic person has too little of this in their blood
54. Correct unit for the energy level of a defibrillator shock

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3. An abnormal heart rhythm
10. Combination of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin
14. A woman came to the ER by ambulance, complaining that her (#18 down) was too (#14 across)--true story
15. Crit is an abbreviation for _____
16. A person who is indispensable in the ER, yet rarely receives any credit
17. The correct term for the ER is the emergency _____
20. What every ER doctor thinks of, thanks to our overabundance of underprincipled attorneys
21. The "I" in MI
25. The worst month to go to a teaching hospital as a patient
26. The "A" in CAT scan
27. The "D" in D5LR
28. Salt water
31. Air in the chest but outside the lung, which might necessitate a chest tube
35. Antidote for opiates
36. Term appended to an extremely undesirable ER patient
39. A junior resident
40. Essential personality trait for ER doctors
41. Analyzes electrical activity of heart
43. What often happens to nitroglycerin paste during defibrillation
45. What most ER docs never seem to get enough of
46. The epitome of CYA by pharmaceutical manufacturers
47. Common term for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
48. What doctors become after their internship (hint: besides embittered)
51. Difficulty breathing
53. Painful urination
55. A woman came to the ER because she scratched her back and popped this--yet another true story
56. A person who visits the ER, often habitually, for non-existent or self-induced problems
57. An unpleasant procedure often used in patients who have taken an overdose of pills

Solutions for the ER crossword puzzle

Crossword solution is here, or if you prefer another format:

1. Laceration
2. Peritonitis
4. Government
5. Tylenol
6. Defibrillation
7. Comatose
8. Electrolytes
9. Nitroglycerin
11. Gloves
12. Dead
13. Foley
18. Vagina
19. Milligram
22. Flyer
23. Retirement
24. Intubation
29. Intravenous
30. Munchausen
32. Oximetry (pulse oximetry)
33. Alcohol
34. Paramedic
37. Caffeine
38. Aspirin
42. Customer
44. Triage
49. Demerol
50. Night
52. Sugar
54. Joules

3. Arrhythmia
10. Carboxyhemoglobin
14. Loose
15. Hematocrit
16. Clerk
17. Department
20. CYA
21. Infarction
25. July
26. Axial
27. Dextrose
28. Saline
31. Pneumothorax
35. Narcan
36. Scumbag
39. Intern
40. Masochism
41. EKG
43. Explode
45. Sleep
46. PDR (Physician's Desk Reference)
47. Code
48. Residents
51. Dyspnea
53. Dysuria
55. Pimple
56. Crock
57. Lavage

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