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Test your knowledge of ER terms by solving my ER crossword puzzle that was featured in the Prudential Securities Healthcare Group 2002 calendar.  Or take the ER-MCAT to see if you have what it takes to be an ER physician.

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A special note to students:
While I am willing to answer very specific questions, I do not have the time to answer questions such as, "I'm writing a paper for school and I'd like you to tell me about everything you do in the ER."  Please check my Q&A pages, the Some of my EMED-L postings page, and the interview with Kevin Pezzi, MD since they answer almost every conceivable question.  If your question is not already answered I'll try to answer it, but I'm not going to re-type answers I've already given since I'm a very slow typist!

Secondly, if you truly aspire to become an ER doc and want to learn more about this occupation, I think you should read every page in my web site since you will learn many things that will (or should) interest you, such as tips on how to succeed in college and medical school (even if you don't think you're smart enough), tips on how to get one of the rare, coveted ER residency positions, information on what it is like to be an ER doc (both the pros and cons), the challenges faced by emergency medicine practitioners, and dozens of other pertinent issues.  To my knowledge, I have the most comprehensive such site on the Internet, and I've invested an enormous amount of time (remember, I'm a very slow typist!) to provide it free for you, so please take advantage of it.  Don't try to read it all in one day*, because this is an immense site (many of its pages won't be visible until you click on a hyperlink to them in some other page). Be sure to also see the Q&A pages on my www.ER-doctor.com site, too.

* Unless you're a speed reader, that is probably impossible.

I'd appreciate it if you use correct spelling and punctuation when you write to me, because that will save me time when I post your questions on my web site or include them in a book.  This may seem picayune, but remember that I was not the one who invented such conventions.

A special note to authors:  While I would love to be able to answer your questions for free, I no longer have enough free time to make this feasible.  I suggest that you read some of the books that I reviewed on my page of book reviews, because they will likely give you the information you're after.  In particular, you may wish to begin by reading Code Blue:  A Writer's Guide to Hospitals, Including the ER, OR, and ICU.  This background reading will take a few hours to a few weeks (depending on what information you're seeking and how realistic you want it to be).  If you don't have the time for it and still want me to answer your questions, I will do it for a reasonable fee.  Tell me what you want to know and how much you are willing to pay for an answer.  If it is reasonable (i.e., not $10 for something that would take me hours to answer), I'll do it.  As I mentioned before, I am a slow typist, so if your questions require a lengthy response, it would be more economical for you to have me answer them by telephone rather than by e-mail.  We can arrange a time when I will call you.

And now for the requisite fine print . . . .  All submissions become the irrevocable property of Kevin Pezzi, MD and may be published on this site in its Q & A forums or in other venues.  By submitting a question, you specify that you are over the age of 18, or have obtained the approval of your parents or legal guardians and they agree to the foregoing and following terms.

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If the subject of your question is outside the realm of medicine (e.g., school or career advice), once again no liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information herein or otherwise provided.

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