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     Snowmobile Histographic Accelerometer Model XR 400
    Make ride quality a science . . . not a guess!
    The XR 400 Snowmobile Histographic Accelerometer quantitates the differences in ride quality of different snowmobiles (or other vehicles), allowing the production of graphs which clearly indicate how various machines respond to bumps of diverse size.

    The XR 400 Accelerometer is superior to other accelerometers in that it responds to bumps in a manner very similar to that of the human body.  Extensive testing has demonstrated that other accelerometers yield data that often does not correlate well with the perceived ride quality.  The XR 400 Accelerometer was designed to accurately reflect accelerations as the body perceives them.

    Today's snowmobilers are increasingly sophisticated and look for a snowmobile magazine to give them objective data—not subjective opinions.  Until now, there has been no convenient way of quantifying the smoothness of a snowmobile's ride.  Those days are over.  Strap on the XR 400 Accelerometer, and give enthusiasts a new reason to read your magazine!

    Your readers want objective data--not that wishy-washy stuff you've been feeding them!

    Batteries:  five 1.5V button cells, type 386 or SR43
    Battery life:  Typically 4 years @ 68 degrees F
    Displays:  five 4-digit 6 mm LCDs
    Display environmental protection:  IP40/DIN40050
    Dimensions:  5.4 x 5 x 1.7 inches
    Weight: 390 grams = 0.86 lb.
    Storage temperature:  14 to 122 degrees F.
    Note: when not in use, indoor storage at a nominal 70 degrees F is recommended.

    The manufacturer reserves the right, at any time, to change specifications, features, designs, models, equipment, and accessories (both standard and optional) without incurring obligation.

    Coming Soon
    Differential Ride Quality Analyzer

    Like the XR 400 Accelerometer described above, the Differential Ride Quality Analyzer (DRQA) measures ride quality, but it also simultaneously "maps" the terrain that is traversed by the snowmobile, thus obviating the need to run all of the test snowmobiles over the same course at the same speed.  By analyzing how a snowmobile's suspension reacts to a variety of bumps and by comparing this suspension profile to that of competitive snowmobiles, snowmobile journalists can offer their readers highly scientific, informative, and interesting analyses of ride quality.  The DRQA can also benefit manufacturers of aftermarket rear suspensions, enabling them to furnish potential customers with objective evidence of the merits of their products.

    For further information, contact:
    Dr. Kevin Pezzi
    Contact page: www.myspamsponge.com/doctor.php

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