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Beautiful Trish in the ER

I read your page with some interest. As someone who worked in the
pharmaceutical/medical sales profession for nearly five years, I have come
to know quite a few ER docs on a personal level ~ and amazingly, this exact
'issue' happened to come up in one of my conversations with one. According
to my friend, he has seen a grand total of 3 attractive patients in the 12
years he has been a full-time ER physician. He shook his head in disbelief
as he mumbled something about those damn gynecologists . . . .

With this in mind, I felt compelled to share my own ER experiences. (To
the best of my knowledge, I am considered attractive, but you can
decide based on my photo.)

Anyway, I have been to the emergency department on 2 different occasions
in my adult life: once for an automobile accident, and again after being
thrown from a horse. I will have to say, however, that in each of those
occurrences, my physical attractiveness might not have been readily
apparent. The car accident involved minor head injuries (and a good deal
of blood). Clearly, not a good hair day. In fact, I remember a very
young, and very cute, ER doc taking care of me ~ and remember feeling very
self-conscious about my appearance that day.

For the second visit, I am embarrassed to say I was one of those completely
annoying creatures who waited until 4 in the morning to come in for an
injury that occurred several days prior. (Sorry, I didn't know better at
the time . . . the completely unnecessary catheter got the point across
pretty clearly, however.) At any rate, I hadn't slept well in days and am
fairly certain that I didn't bother to camouflage the bags under my eyes or
brush my hair before going. That, and the fact I woke the poor guy from a
sound sleep ~ thus annoying him greatly ~ didn't help matters any. I can
pretty much guarantee I wasn't added to the short list following that

Just wondering, but perhaps these types of circumstances negatively impacts
the number of true attractive sightings each year?

Back to the discussion of beautiful women in the ER

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