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Stories submitted by attractive women who were ER patients

Kimberly’s story:

When I was seventeen, I was on my way home from the beach with my brother and his friends. I jumped into the rear of the van and sat on a bolt projecting from its floor. It tore through my bikini and penetrated vaginally, causing quite a bit of hemorrhaging. Luckily, the wounds didn't require sutures. The ER doctor cleaned the wound, gave me some antibiotics, and sent me home. There's no real aftermath to the story; the scars healed, and there were no long-term effects.

Haley’s story:

Since puberty I have been told that I am an attractive female, whatever that means. I'm slender, well-proportioned, tall, have high cheekbones, mesmerizing eyes, and my hair is shoulder-length, light brown and wavy. You be the judge. A few months ago while driving my car I began experiencing severe chest pain. It just so happens that I was close to a hospital, so I drove to the ER. The staff was very attentive, very. The ER physician who saw me caressed my arm (!!) and later winked at me before leaving. While I've had other doctors flirt with me over the years, I was startled when the doctor let his fingers do the walking.

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