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Kevin Pezzi's cupolas make any home or cabin more beautiful!

Have you ever noticed how homes with cupolas are so eye-catching?  Whether they're mounted on a home, cabin, garage, shed, gazebo, barn, or boathouse, cupolas can dramatically improve the appearance of your residence and make it look much more upscale.

cupola with copper shinglesA cupola (pronounced KWEW-pah-lah) is a small structure surmounting a roof that may be functional but is usually just decorative.  This cupola is both.  In addition to providing a lot of ventilation through its four louvered sides, this cupola also features complex crown molding and a four-sided roof topped with copper shingles.

The cupola shown isn't totally complete; before it was mounted on the roof a curved molding was added at the perimeter of the junction between the base and the body.  Also, the existing base was partially set into another base section to improve its appearance.  Click here for a picture of the completed cupola mounted on a roof.



Pine cupola with copper roof
An ideal accent for a log home

Cupola for a log home or a cedar-sided homeThe roof of this cupola is also copper, but is subtly rippled to increase visual interest by enhancing the copper's reflectivity from a wider range of angles.  The four windows for the cupola won't be installed until it is mounted on a roof.

This cupola is 25 inches wide at the base and about 6 feet tall, so there's plenty of interior room for adding a chandelier inside.  Alternatively, you can choose to include a display illuminated by LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).  This display could be simple (e.g., red and green LEDs shaped like a Christmas tree) or complex (e.g., a programmable display that'd show a Christmas tree in December, a pumpkin for Halloween, a heart for Valentine's Day, or even a flashing 911 to help paramedics more rapidly find your home if you're having a heart attack!).  Or you can opt for a "Cupola Cam" (a camera mounted in the cupola).  That would transmit its picture either via a cable or wireless link to a television, computer monitor, or the Internet.  The Cupola Cam could be used for security or just entertainment . . . it's a much better view up there!

We spend hours hand-selecting the best and most beautiful boards from which the cupolas are made, and we usually go through a hundred or more boards just to find one that meets our standards and the tastes of our customers.  Therefore, if you have a preference (more knots or less knots, more heartwood [the darker streaks] or less heartwood), we can accommodate your wishes.  You won't find such attention to detail in any mass-produced cupola.


Be sure to check out our beautiful hand-carved doors, too!

Questions? See www.loghomedoor.com

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