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The Lana Bar.  Of course, if your sweetheart's name is Ingrid, it'll be the Ingrid Bar!

If you want me to make a custom candy bar for you, I can produce:

  • Just the mold.  You can mold as many candy bars as you wish by melting chocolate bars you buy at a store, using their inner foil wrappers and making your own custom outer wrapper.
  • The entire bar with a custom wrapper.
  • The entire bar with a custom wrapper, and you get the mold, too (use it for making more candy bars, or to make custom Jell-O, ice cubes, cookies, muffins, or bread.
  • Embossed images on the candy bar in addition to text.
  • Candy bars of other shapes.

If you want to place an order to surprise your sweetheart on her birthday, Valentine's Day, the day you propose, or other special occasion, keep in mind that it takes a few days to make everything, so order early.

Here is the back wrapper of one candy bar I made:

Back wrapper of custom candy bar

I can modify the text and graphics of either the front or back wrapper as you wish. Any questions or comments? Contact me.

Oh, in case you're wondering about that phrase on the front wrapper, "Recommended by Dr. Kevin Pezzi, but certain to give Laura a conniption fit  :-) " . . . Laura is a health author and radio show host who is a friend of Lana and me.

  Lana is a friend of mine who is a wonderful person. (I wouldn't take the time to make a custom candy bar for someone who wasn't, would I? :-)

Lana and I are both interested in health, so here's our tip of the day: People spend a significant proportion of their time inside their homes. As a doctor, I know that most people do nothing to improve the healthiness of that environment. If you care about your health, visit Lana's page, on which she sells products that improve the quality of living indoors.


I discontinued this custom candy bar service because everyone who has so far contacted me about it evidently thinks it's possible to make a custom candy bar for $20 or so. In reality, it takes a lot of machinery, money, and time** to produce the custom molds and, to a lesser extent, the custom wrappers . . . and then to make the bars, wrap them, and ship them. I think it was unrealistic of me to expect that consumers would have an appreciation for the economics of custom production.

** Oh, about the time.  It takes anywhere from a day to a few weeks to make a custom candy bar.  If you think that $20 is sufficient compensation for this, will you please work for me?  :-)   By the way, it takes more than $20 in materials, so if I agreed to make them for that price, I wouldn't just be working for free, I'd be paying for the privilege!

In any case, if you have a realistic expectation of how much a custom candy bar is worth, feel free to contact me.

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