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A reader responds to Chris' Shallow Hal assertion

Hi Kevin,

Boy, every time I browse your website I find something new. I want to comment on the e-mail you received from your friend regarding men who prefer slim mates; she opened her e-mail by addressing you as "Shallow Hal." You should know first that I have been fat, and I have been slim. Slim is better (I am 5' 4" tall and weigh 120 lbs). Your friend should understand that we all have biases of one sort or another that attract us to people of the opposite sex. I'm guessing that she is no different. I wonder if she would be attracted to a man who is extremely short? How would she feel dressed for a night on the town and wearing 3 inch heels if she were towering over her date? Almost every woman I know will not date a short man. How about dating a man who is a garbage collector, or works in a sewer plant? Lots of women look at a man's career and use that information to determine if he is someone she will spend time with. I know that when I first met my husband, I thought he was devastatingly handsome, and I still think so after years of marriage. I know that while I am not exactly a Victoria's Secret lingerie model (far from it!) he found me attractive enough to want to date me when we first met, and the fact that I had a good figure contributed to that. If I had dated him and discovered that he didn't have any of the attributes beyond good looks that are important to me (intelligence, a sense of humor, compassion, likes animals, etc.) then no amount of good looks could have encouraged me to accept a second date. The fact is, it was his good looks that first drew my attention. And for the record, I don't have the typical bias against a short man. My husband is 1 inch taller than me and honestly, when I first met him, I didn't even notice his height. Unfortunately for your friend, a lot of men will never know what outstanding qualities she possesses because they won't be attracted to her in the first place and just won't take the time to get to know her as a person. And the unfortunate thing is that she could easily improve her health and her weight; I did it and it really wasn't that hard. Honestly, ask her how she would feel about dating a really short man. Do you want to bet on her response?


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You will have sex about 10,000 times during your life.

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Cast away your preconceptions of sex books as being a rehash of things you already know and hence a waste of time.  By reading this book, you will learn many things that Dr. Ruth and other sexologists have never considered.

The Science of Sex
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